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NwN can meet or exceed your disposable hygiene product needs.

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The highly competitive hygiene market demands constant innovation and technology enhancement.

Our global sourcing allows us to continuously select and qualify the most advanced manufacturing unit for the application. Our objective is to offer a line of high quality engineered fabrics that bring performance and processing advantages in these components of disposable hygiene products for everyone from newborn infants to adults.

Examples include:

  • Top sheet
  • Back sheet
  • Leg cuff barrier materials
  • Acquisition / distribution layer
  • Transfer layer
  • Front ear
  • Back ear
  • Core wrap

NwN provides products that focus on the following areas:

  • Comfort and Hand
  • Breathability
  • Water resistance
  • Fabric coverage 
  • Low basis weight yet strong 
  • Color




NwN makes a breakthrough in Automotive Acoustics

NwN has developed a new concept in acoustic noise reduction from automotive wheel wells. 
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NwN products aim to be Green-In and Green-Out