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NwN works with its customers for end-to-end green products. Learn more about our Green-Fibers™and our end of vehicle life recycling program.

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Green Nonwovens

From inception to final disposition, NwN can design the raw material chain to come from recycled sources all the way through to the recycling of the finished end product. Our stewardship of the entire manufacturing chain ensures that our customers have confidence in the effect their products will have on the environment.

For example, NwN uses its Green-Fibers™ specialty blend of recycled PET when creating DuraSquares® Carpet Tiles.  One square of carpet tile can take approximately 19 20-ounce PET bottles out of the landfill.

NwN is also working with a major automotive manufacturer to develop nonwovens that meet their strict acoustic standards, while recycling any waste from the trimming the product and also recycling the product from a retired car before it heads to the scrap heap.

We can help your company go green while still achieving your performance needs.  Ask us how today.




NwN makes a breakthrough in Automotive Acoustics

NwN has developed a new concept in acoustic noise reduction from automotive wheel wells and aerosheilds. 
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NwN products aim to be Green-In and Green-Out