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Fibers are created to meet the needs of the product.

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We develop fibers with specific characteristics to optimize our customer’s needs for a product that will meet or exceed their expectations. While standard fibers may be used, generally specialty fibers are needed to create properties to satisfy the ultimate end user. NwN has the expertise to find or develop these fibers, sourcing around the globe for best of breed products.

NwN also can offer its Green-Fibers™ product made from 100% post-consumer recycled PET.  Did you know that it takes 63 20-ounce plastic bottles to make a sweater and keep those bottles out of the landfill?  Formatted for the proper conditions, we can help your business go green and while aligning with your product goals. 




NwN makes a breakthrough in Automotive Acoustics

NwN has developed a new concept in acoustic noise reduction from automotive wheel wells and aeroshields. 
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NwN products aim to be Green-In and Green-Out